We unite strategy and sorcery
to uncover what you need to
create a better future.

Simply put, we divine water. 

Cecili is one of the most strategic campaigners I’ve ever worked with... She is an excellent facilitator and trainer, is both creative and analytical, and always has new ideas and connections to make that advance shared goals....”
— Lisa Schechtman, Director of Policy & Advocacy, WaterAid America
...amazing strategic thinker — creative and thoughtful — who can develop sophisticated long-term plans but also pivot on a dime to address new issues and problems as they arise.”
— Christine Broderick, Health Policy Advisor, National Partnership for Women & Families
...detail-oriented, strategic, hard working, and very creative... calm and collected under pressure... great sense of humor... produces not only better-than-expected results, but creates a system for doing the project in the future.”
— Njambi Good, Senior Director, Grassroots Engagement, Greenpeace USA
Cecili is a star campaigner, organizer, and policy analyst. She’s strategic, creative and focused on impact. You can trust her to get the job done and done right.”
— Zeke Johnson, Senior Director of Programs, Amnesty International USA

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